Spliqs harnesses the power of AI to let anyone create music

With Spliqs, anyone can create music, from those who’ve never touched an instrument, all the way to pro musicians looking for inspiration




Riffs, loops, clips, licks—"spliqs."

    Like a riff or a loop, a spliq is a musical concept. But while a normal loop is a static, fixed thing, spliqs are intelligent and adaptive entities. Spliqs understand music in a fundamentally human way—and they understand themselves, too. Spliqs can communicate with other Spliqs, allowing them to adapt to one another and musically “get along."

    Spliqs can follow your instructions too, changing their moods to become more calm, exciting, dramatic, or joyous at your request; whatever best expresses your musical idea.

    If you’re a beginner or non-musician, spliqs can help things keep moving along smoothly, offering more assistance to keep things simple. If you’re an advanced musician, on the other hand, they can take off the training wheels and let you roam into uncharted musical territory. The more control you take, the more Spliqs give you; the more you entrust to them, the more they jump in to help your musical ideas come to life.



Fall 2019: Spliqs is proud to announce that we have been selected for the prestigious TechStars AI program!


The team

James Maxwell

Chief Science Officer

  • Drummer from age 10, Songwriter from age 14, Composer from age 19

  • Explored  algorithmic music in 1999, generative music and Computer-Assisted Composition since 2005

  • PhD in Cognitive modelling for Computer-Assisted Composition in 2014

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Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas


  • Computer Scientist

  • MSc in the evaluation of Machine Learning music generation methodologies, 2016.

  • Pianist, Improvisor and Composer

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Olivier Vincent


  • Serial tech entrepreneur

  • Multiple exits, including a $225m one

  • Managed apps with over 20 million MAUs

  • Avid pianist, poor composer

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