With Spliqs, anyone can create music, from those who’ve never touched an instrument, to pro musicians looking for inspiration

Creating music with Spliqs


Pick a spliq to start from—a musical inspiration. Go for the general feel and don’t worry too much about the exact song. You’re going to change it… a LOT!


Choose another spliq to act as an “influence”—a powerful way to transform your Inspiration and make it your own. 


Use the XY control to blend aspects of the Influence into the Inspiration. You’re not just “mixing” the two; you’re changing the Inspiration’s actual notes, using the Influence as a guide.


Use the widgets in the bottom carousel to transform your spliq even further. The free version gives you a few simple but powerful controls. The Pro version will unlock whole new worlds of creative tweaking!


Choose from acoustic instruments and electronic sounds from the built-in synth—powered by AudioKit Synth One. The upcoming Pro version will unlock more sounds and greater control.


Like your spliq to capture a “tweeq”—a draft, or snapshot of what you’ve discovered so far. Tweeqs can be shared or saved to become brand new spliqs—starting points for new musical journeys.


Give your spliq a name! You can also add your "Artist Name", so people know who created it!


Share it! You can share audio, MIDI, video, photo slideshows, or the spliq itself. If you share your spliq, anyone with the app can use it as the starting point for something entirely new!


What are spliqs?

Riffs, loops, licks, creative sparks—"spliqs."

    Like a riff or a loop, a spliq is a musical concept. But while a normal loop is a static, fixed thing, spliqs are intelligent and adaptive entities. Spliqs understand music in a fundamentally human way—and they understand themselves, too. Spliqs can communicate with other Spliqs, allowing them to adapt to one another and musically “get along." And when you share your spliq, it isn't the end. Every spliq can become the starting point of a new musical journey—so sharing is an invitation to collaborate!


The team

James Maxwell

CSO, Composer, Drummer

  • Drummer from age 10, Songwriter from age 14, Composer from age 19

  • PhD in Cognitive modelling for Computer-Assisted Composition in 2014

Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas

CTO, Improvisor, Pianist

  • Computer Scientist

  • MSc in the evaluation of Machine Learning music generation methodologies, 2016.

  • Pianist, Improvisor and Composer

Jason Zerbin

CEO, Entrepreneur, Musician

  • Producer & Artist with Top 40 Releases

  • Global Film & Television Composer

  •  Product Designer

  • MA in Global Leadership.

  • White LinkedIn Icon
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Olivier Vincent

Chairman, Entrepreneur

  • Serial tech entrepreneur

  • Multiple exits

  • Managed apps with over 20 million MAUs

  • Avid pianist, poor composer

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